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  • The sound is crystal clear and very wonderful and for all you bass lovers, this is the product for you!!! I’m literally in love with the Bass because it’s just amazing!! Well done JBL!

    Boombox Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

    Carmen Viniegra

    Amazon Customer
  • This little speaker has some surprisingly good output for its size. It’s small and quite portable and I was definitely surprised at how loud it was for its size, very surprised. The radio works well but one has to be in an area that has better radio signals than I do currently. 

    Best Portable Sport Stereo Bluetooth Boombox


    Amazon Customer
  • I absolutely love my new bumpbox! We use it in our pool area and it is the best speakers I have ever had. This product is definitely a “10” out of “10”. So happy I purchased Bumpbox Bluetooth Boombox Flare8. Buying some for Christmas gifts as well.

    Graffiti Retro Boombox with Bluetooth Speaker

    Annetta Galilei

    Amazon Customer


Ultra-Portable 100-watt Wireless Water-Resistant Speaker

ION Audio Raptor | Ultra-Portable 100-watt Wireless Water-Resistant Speaker with 75-hour Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth Streaming, AM/FM Radio and Multi-Color Light Bar

With ION Audio raptor you can have that DJ look for your parties that you always wanted. Not only Its thick rubber body makes it the toughest in the game but also keeps it protected from the wear-tear that can possibly happen to a speaker. Now you can carry your music wherever you go with its 2-way portable design. You can roll it on its wheels or hang it on your back, no matter how you choose to carry it, It almost puts no weight on your back and makes it ultra-portable. The toughness alone can’t protect a speaker in every way, water can still harm a usual speaker but that’s not the case with an ION raptor, its water-resistant ford like body protects it in every way possible. If you like relaxing on a beach with your favorite music on your side, with the ION speaker you can relieve tension and keep your coffee cups in the cup holders provided on its outer body. You get an amazing light bar on the frontal face of the raptor which is highly customizable. Its multicolor light bar can dance to the beat of the music, can stay in a fixed color or can also be turned off if the light isn’t desired.

  • Tough waterproof rubber body to keep your speaker as good as new for years
  • 8-inch woofers to rock the party
  • Wide Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music on the go.
  • Auxiliary support to access USB and non-Bluetooth devices
  • Ultra-portable design with rolling wheels and double-sided handles.
  • Huge battery life to keep the party going with or without electricity.
  • Illuminating LED light bar to enjoy stunning visuals.
  • Attached microphone with a long cable to enjoy karaoke.
  • Works at 100 watts for super-strong sound.
  • Two cup holders on each side of the raptor.
  • Awesome techno looks and a small display showing music stats

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Buy On:- Amazon