Graffiti Retro Boombox with Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Features:

  • Accessories like a wireless mike, adapter, and remote control are available.
  • Graffiti design which brings back a retro look.
  • Bigger in size but lighter to carry, so that you can take your musical beast wherever you want.
  • Graffiti Retro Boombox Bluetooth Speaker works 200 watts power to give you the best bass ever.
  • Boombox Bluetooth Speaker has a year-long warranty.
  • Bigger woofers for better sound.
  • A rechargeable battery that goes on for hours in just one charge.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity compatible with all sorts of devices with Bluetooth availability.
  • Graffiti Retro Boombox Bluetooth Speaker supports USB and other external storage.
  • Electric Guitar can also be connected.
  • Stylish design with easily functional controls.


Best Graffiti Retro Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

If you like those old-school big bass boomboxes, the ones which ruled the initial musical industry back in the day, you would love Bumpboxx. Bumpboxx Bluetooth Boombox Ultra NYC Graffiti has the retro feel of the old boomboxes filled with the features of the new-age speakers, not to mention the terrific graffiti design covering its outer body.

It’s the largest boombox you can find in today’s world, so if you are someone looking for a big bass Bluetooth speaker with bigger woofers and exceptionally clear surround sound, you should consider buying a Bumpboxx Bluetooth boombox. Graffiti Retro Boombox Bluetooth Speaker has wireless microphone gives you a fantastic singing experience and with its extensive remote you can access all its features from a long distance.

Its wireless Bluetooth can connect with any device be it a PC, Laptop, Android, or IOS mobile phone with Bluetooth facility. This new Flare 8 model brings you 8-inch dual woofers, one on each side that generates uniform earth-shaking bass. Although being big enough in size, it is lighter and easy to carry thanks to the attached carrying belts.

You can fit it in your car or just carry it on your shoulder like in the old days and you won’t feel a bit of strain on your body. Graffiti Retro Boombox Bluetooth Speaker works on 200 watts, giving you a glimpse of its incredible power of sound it can produce. It has a uniquely designed control panel filled with a ton of awesome features which takes care of your musical concerns. Its frontal user interface takes numerous inputs.

Connect your wireless microphone, your electric guitar, a USB port, or the charging cord, it’s stylish control panel manages it all. Say goodbye to all your worries of battery shutoffs because Bumpboxx’s battery lasts more than 12 hours in one charge only. Graffiti Retro Boombox Bluetooth Speaker’s retro graffiti is a fusion of old and modern look which makes it the most stylish boombox out there.

It is able to connect to amazon music and other music streaming services wirelessly. It’s highly durable and comes with a long-lasting warranty that keeps your concerns in check. Take to your beach parties, backyard barbecues, or any random party, it brings life to all of the stylish design with easily functional controls. It may be a little pricey but the quality of its sound is worth paying for.

The Flare8 is a step up from our Flare6 model. This unit has larger woofers and 200 watts of TRUE power. Best Graffiti Retro Boombox with Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for those seeking deeper bass to go along with crystal clear music. The Flare8 doubles as a guitar amp and includes a wireless microphone. Bumpboxx is the largest, loudest Bluetooth-enabled boombox. We’re bringing back the nostalgic feel of the original Boombox, accompanied by great sound, deep bass and piercing highs.

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